Our Story

We are two sisters, Lilian and Jessica, bound by a shared passion for animals and nature. We were raised amidst the vibrant Brazilian forests and developed a deep respect for the environment from an early age. 

Our story began in 2021, while living together in Washington, D.C. Alongside our beloved pets, Jack and Raven, we realized we faced a daunting challenge – the struggle of finding pet products that were not just healthy for our pets but also kind to our planet. In response, we decided to turn our frustrations into positive action, and in 2022, Terra Tails emerged. Driven by the desire to ease the journey for fellow pet owners, Terra Tails stands as a bridge between responsible pet care and environmental consciousness.

  • Lilian

    Lilian is an architect with a passion for sustainability and healthy building design. While studying the impact of construction materials on human health, she came to understand that pets, due to their smaller size, are even more vulnerable to environmental factors. 

    She resides in the Brookland neighborhood with her husband, enjoys hikes, video-games, volunteering, and is continuously attempting to reduce her carbon footprint.

  • Jessica

    With a background in bioinformatics, Jessica discovers joy in the complexities of genetics, from deciphering the genetic code to understanding the intricate mechanisms that govern life at a molecular level. Jessica has learned that many genetic disorders are caused by environmental factors. This awareness should extend beyond humans and encompass the well-being of our beloved pets. She enjoys video-games, cycling and fitness.

  • Jack & Raven

    Jack and Raven, with their gentle nuzzle or a soft paw on your face while you sleep, offer an unparalleled sense of companionship. Jack enjoys napping in hidden corners, looking out the window from the comfort of his home, and has mastered the art of biscuit-making. Raven, with his extra fluffy tail, is always the first to greet you at the door, and is a talented chirper. Together, they are a bundle of warmth, affection, and endless entertainment.

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